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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Gonda Pincode / Post Office Search (GONDA, Uttar Pradesh)

Ayah B.O 271202GondaUttar Pradesh
Babhanjot B.O 271312GondaUttar Pradesh
Bahlol Pur B.O 271002GondaUttar Pradesh
Bakharwa B.O 271603GondaUttar Pradesh
Bangai B.O 271122GondaUttar Pradesh
Bangai Barwar B.O 271602GondaUttar Pradesh
Banjaria B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Bankatwa Dehat S.O 271310GondaUttar Pradesh
Bankatwa S.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Banwaria B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Bargaon (Gonda) S.O 271002GondaUttar Pradesh
Bauriha B.O 271123GondaUttar Pradesh
Beerpur Bhoj B.O 271122GondaUttar Pradesh
Belawa Bahuta B.O 271202GondaUttar Pradesh
Belbhari B.O 271602GondaUttar Pradesh
Bhairampur B.O 271122GondaUttar Pradesh
Bhgahar Buland B.O 271123GondaUttar Pradesh
Binuhani B.O 271202GondaUttar Pradesh
Bisambharpur B.O 271602GondaUttar Pradesh
Bishunpur Sangam B.O 271202GondaUttar Pradesh
Budhupurwa B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Chandawatpur B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Chandipur B.O 271123GondaUttar Pradesh
Chauhattar Kalan B.O 271208GondaUttar Pradesh
D.Nath B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Darjikuwa B.O 271123GondaUttar Pradesh
Debari Kalan B.O 271603GondaUttar Pradesh
Deoria Alawal B.O 271601GondaUttar Pradesh
Dhanawa B.O 271311GondaUttar Pradesh
Dhaneypur S.O 271602GondaUttar Pradesh
Dhobharai B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Dulhapur B.O 271602GondaUttar Pradesh
Dutt Nagar B.O 271602GondaUttar Pradesh
F.P. Tarhar B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Forbisganj B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Gilauli B.O 271202GondaUttar Pradesh
Gonda H.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Haldhar Mau B.O 271126GondaUttar Pradesh
Imiliarupi B.O 271601GondaUttar Pradesh
Imliya Gurdayal B.O 271002GondaUttar Pradesh
Intyathok S.O 271202GondaUttar Pradesh
Jaiprabha Gram S.O 271209GondaUttar Pradesh
Jhalidham B.O 271204GondaUttar Pradesh
Jhauhana B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Karamdeeh B.O 271601GondaUttar Pradesh
Kauria S.O 271122GondaUttar Pradesh
Khorasha S.O 271123GondaUttar Pradesh
Madhopur B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Mahrajganj B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Malari B.O 271601GondaUttar Pradesh
Mallapur B.O 271122GondaUttar Pradesh
Mashaipur B.O 271123GondaUttar Pradesh
Mehnawan B.O 271603GondaUttar Pradesh
Mokalpur B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Narayanpuredha B.O 271123GondaUttar Pradesh
P A C S.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
P.A. Singh B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Pandri Kirpal B.O 271002GondaUttar Pradesh
Para Sarai B.O 271202GondaUttar Pradesh
Paraspur S.O 271504GondaUttar Pradesh
Parsia Rani B.O 271122GondaUttar Pradesh
Pathwalia B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Pipara Bazar B.O 271122GondaUttar Pradesh
Pirwartara B.O 271204GondaUttar Pradesh
Pure Bahori B.O 271122GondaUttar Pradesh
Pure Basalat B.O 271603GondaUttar Pradesh
Rajapur B.O 271603GondaUttar Pradesh
Rajgarh B.O 271301GondaUttar Pradesh
Ramapur B.O 271122GondaUttar Pradesh
Ramnagar Tarhar B.O 271123GondaUttar Pradesh
Ranipur B.O 271202GondaUttar Pradesh
Retwa Gara B.O 271603GondaUttar Pradesh
Rudragarh Nausi B.O 271602GondaUttar Pradesh
Rupaideeh B.O 271122GondaUttar Pradesh
Sahjanwa B.O 271122GondaUttar Pradesh
Srinagar S.O (Gonda) 271603GondaUttar Pradesh
T.Patti B.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh
Taj Pur B.O 271123GondaUttar Pradesh
Tirre Manorama B.O 271202GondaUttar Pradesh
Ujjaini Kalan B.O 271603GondaUttar Pradesh
Umedpur B.O 271123GondaUttar Pradesh
Ursaina B.O 271122GondaUttar Pradesh
Utraula Road S.O 271001GondaUttar Pradesh

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